Get your tickets on-line for the 2017 Kalamazoo Blues Festival from the links below!
You can choose individual day or the full weekend pass (general admission or VIP).

  • Three Day Pass – Best deal! $57 ($202 VIP)
  • Friday, July 14 – $27
  • Saturday, July 15 – $32
  • Sunday, July 16 – $17

    Purchase day passes for an afternoon/evening jam packed with a variety of blues music, or make it a mini-getaway with a weekend pass. Enjoy food, beer, games, and more in an air-conditioned, weather-proof, fan friendly event center. The Kalamazoo Blues Festival 2017 is three days filled with nationally recognized blues artists, great food, activities for all ages, and craft beer sampling.

    This is an all ages event where children under 12 are free.

    VIP Description- Your VIP ticket guarantees you a seat in the first 5 rows from the stage, access to the private lounge, bar, and restrooms, a selection of complimentary food & beverage, a show commemorative poster and laminate.

    The general admission floor area is standing room only, but there is access to the bowl where seats are available. All seating and standing room areas are first come first serve.

7 thoughts on “Tickets

  1. Kalamazoo Blues fest indoors in air conditioning environment?…… in July?
    All I have to say is………why?????

    The absolutely best part of the Kzoo Blues fest is the outdoor atmosphere in Arcadia!

    Why was the decision made to change (ruin) it?



    1. The decision to move the festival was not an easy one to make. Unfortunately, the downtown festival site was not a viable option this year; with new noise ordinances, increased costs, competition with entertainment options downtown being amongst the many factors.

      The partnership with Wings Event Center has allowed us to bring a bigger lineup than in years past, given us a temperature controlled environment, no worries about rain or heat, and some exciting new changes.

      We are currently working on an outdoor element for the festival that will include beer, outdoor games and music piped out from indoors.

      We sincerely hope you will give this years festival a chance. I promise you, it will be an exciting weekend.


  2. Hi miztee73,
    Thank you for your response. I can understand the dilemma that the organization is under. I am a transplant from Chicago and a big supporter of the arts in Kalamazoo. Each year I personally bring 3 to as many as 10 of my friends and family from Illinois to the Blues festival. They look forward to this weekend every year. We spend lots of $$ at the grounds knowing the importance of keeping these kinds of festivals up and running. In light of this decision, I only wish we could have spent even more! 😊😊
    After discussing with them, and to no surprise to me, they told me that a critical reason for their love of this festival was the location and convenience. The ambience of an outdoor festival is hard to match, let alone the convenience of traveling to and from the site. Unfortunately, they are terribly disappointed in this latest arrangement and will forego attendance as there are other, more attractive options for festivals throughout the area. Needless to say, I am really bummed out.
    Again I can totally understand the issues that you are describing and wish that there was some better solution to preserve this special festival. Unfortunately, I have an aversion to arenas and “arena rock”, I do not see Wings as a viable venue for a blues festival. In addition, I enjoy not having to drive to these types of events and do not see a solution for myself with this latest venue change,
    I wish you all the best and hope someday the the Kalamazoo blues festival can return to being outdoors in the future, the way all summer festivals should be.
    All the best…..


    1. Joanne,
      The needs we have for set up for sound, lights, water and electric for the various vendors was just not right for our festival. We looked at a lot of options.


  3. Please do not insult our collective intelligence with your contrived reasons for changing venues. This comes down to one thing – a handful of downtown residents who chose to move downtown long after Kalamazoo’s outdoor festivals were introduced whined about the “noise” and how late the festivals run. Nothing you say can convince Blues Festival fans this is a “good move.” The Arcadia Creek festival site nestled in the middle of downtown Kalamazoo on warm July evenings versus a “hockey barn.” BRILLIANT!!! I used to mark my calendar every year for the Blues fest. Not anymore….


    1. Henry, that plays only a small part of the reason we HAD to move. The larger reason was financial. The festival is run by a 501c with an all volunteer board & staff. The festival collectively has operated at a loss. There are tremendous up front production costs, that we simply can no longer afford. The PARTNERSHIP with Wings was a financial necessity. Were it not for them offering a partnership, there would not likely have been a festival this year. It’s really that simple.


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