Mortals 2

mortalsMortals 2 is a power trio and the culmination of many influences. Our songwriting and recording abilities as a band are improving all the time and the songs (and tunes) we write reflect a variety of styles.


Marci Linn Band

marciMarci Linn and her musical colleagues have been serving up a rich blend of blue-eyed soul to audiences across southwest Michigan and beyond for several years, and listeners come up the winners every time.


24th St. Wailers

“Hell, we’ve played full-time for close to five years. We’ve played hundreds of dates in bars and clubs and concert halls, and festivals from France to the USA to to the northwest territories of Canada” says Lindsay Beaver, the band’s leader, drummer and vocalist. “We’ve sold thousands of CDs. We’ve put more miles on the van than the number of wasps at a barbecue. And people keep telling us we’re a ‘young’ band! Ha!”

Experienced, road-tested and tougher than a two by four, The 24th Street Wailers are five musicians who originally met in music school. Their major influence? The sounds from the freewheeling period in the ‘40s and ‘50s when the Blues gave birth to Rock and Roll in black communities in major American cities. When showmanship mattered. When the sax player, not the guitarist, got the girls.

Scott Holt

holtOne-time apprentice to blues legend Buddy Guy, There is no question Holt has diversified his pure talent over the course of 7 records and countless miles on the road.  While blues remains at the core of his being, he is evolving as an artist.  His music is a reflection of his own character as both a man and an artist, growing every day.  He reflects, “I am a bluesman through and through, and it is always a part of who I am when recording or performing.  It has been an affirmation over the past year as I play my songs for audiences and have them receive them and embrace them as enthusiastically as the music of the Masters that we play.  I believe in every note I play with all my heart, and I have never been more confident or honest lyrically.  It really is a special experience to share that with audiences and get such great responses night after night.”

“If you listen,” Holt continues, “you can always hear the blues in the foundation of my playing…”

Shemekia Copeland

shemekiaIf you don’t think Shemekia is queen of the blues, then you don’t know she was presented with Koko Taylor’s crown by her daughter, Cookie, on June 12, 2011 at the Chicago Blues Festival and given the honor of the new “Queen of the Blues” by official proclamation of the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois.

Copeland’s passion for singing, matched with her huge, blast-furnace voice, gives her music a timeless power and a heart-pounding urgency. Her music comes from deep within her soul and from the streets where she grew up, surrounded by the everyday sounds of the city – street performers, gospel singers, blasting radios, bands in local parks and so much more.

Martila Sanders and Gee Q

martilaWith her breathtaking voice and sparkling personality, Martila Sanders has become one of the most respected vocalists in Michigan.  Featuring an expanded repertoire, reaching across multiple genres, including soul, R&B, classic rock, blues and an ever growing list of powerful original material.