Jake Kershaw Band
Jake KershawThe front man of the band, Jake Kershaw, may only be 15 years old but is already “SCALDING” a path to greatness. With just 6 years of guitar experience, Jake has already risen to a skill level that only a small percentage of guitarists will ever reach. He has joined the stage with international blues greats such as Jonny Lang and Larry McCray. Bassist Terry Oosterhart boasts 43+ years’ experience performing in front of audiences, both with a band and as a solo act. Drummer Ryan McFadden drives the supercharged rhythm section, and 21 years old, his style has added a completely new dynamic to the band’s performances. What other band can you name featuring a 15-year-old front man that brings audiences to their feet by pure talent alone? Let The Jake Kershaw Band “bring it” to you!!!

The Snyders
The SnydersOriginally from South Bend, Indiana, this family relocated to Montréal, Québec in 2007 and formed a blues/roots band in 2011. The Snyders are comprised of father Denny Snyder (aka Southside Denny) on guitar and vocals, his 20 year old daughter Lorrie Snyder on bass and vocals, and 16 year old son Philip Snyder on the drums. A musically diverse group, The Snyders bring something for everybody – strong vocals, virtuoso guitar and serious groove music for all ages; a unique mixture of youth and experience. They’ve performed numerous concerts and blues festivals in Indiana, Michigan, Ontario and Québec, and continue to expand ther territory. This summer’s appearance will be their first at the Kalamazoo Blues Festival.

Laura Rain & The Caesars
Laura Rain and her group of Motor City mercenaries known as The Caesars have been knocking crowds out at festivals all over the country this summer. Her last CD “Closer” got her signed on the line and out on the road. For her new CD “Gold”, posters featuring the vivacious Miss Rain in a skin-tight gold lame jumpsuit reminiscent of James Bond films assure some real action. Baby, with a voice and music like this, that’s all you’ll need; everything else is just pleasant window dressing. The Bond analogy is fitting for the big bold soundtrack-like sound of Miss Rain’s dramatic near-operatic vocals, while The Caesars have a gritty groove hitting closer to “Trouble Man” or “Shaft.” So slap on these twelve all-original tracks of “Gold,” get on the floor, and be ready to party!

MonkeyJunk has won a collective 20 Maple Blues Awards, two Canadian Independent Music Awards, a Blues Music Award (USA), and has been nominated twice for a JUNO Award, taking home the coveted hardware in 2012. As one of Canada’s heaviest bands since Big Sugar, its music is passionate and edgy, with unfettered delivery. Established in 2008, MonkeyJunk quickly became one of the most popular new bands on the scene, performing at festivals and packed venues across the country, amassing a large audience of devoted fans, affectionately called “MonkeyJunkies”. The members of MonkeyJunk are not a fluke, one-off collective or “ordinary Joes” who decided to start a band. These are three musicians who individually had established careers prior to forming MonkeyJunk. The trio of long-time friends and colleagues just seems to click in a way that is at once natural and otherworldly. Their passion, conviction and dedication to their music is evident with every lick, every beat and every lyric. MonkeyJunk is a reminder to listeners that musicianship, ability and strong songwriting always triumph.

Groove Council
Groove-CouncilBig Band: 10-piece, big sound, and big talent! The Groove Council held its first session in 2006, but the band pulls together musicians with assorted backgrounds from all around the Detroit area (and even Canada!) to make up an impressive musical resume that spans decades. In just a short time, the band earned a local reputation for delivering dance-inducing soul music with an infectious groove. When you put Kathleen’s powerful vocals over a cookin’ rhythm section and layer on those tasty horns, you get a delicious blend of soul, R&B, and funk that keeps audiences coming back for more. There’s a genuine excitement that radiates from the stage and embraces the crowd. It’s all part of what makes the band a favorite at area festivals and keeps it in demand at local clubs. The band was awarded the 2011 Detroit Music Award for Outstanding R&B Artist/Group and was nominated again in 2012, 2013, and 2014. Even though this is the first band she’s been in, singer Kathleen Murray has earned Detroit Music Award nominations for Outstanding Blues/R&B Vocalist in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.